By Dave Peters

Training the horse with Long Reins

By Manuel Trigo

The Snaffle Misunderstood

By Manuel Trigo

Sacking-out or the Relax Reflex

The Importance Of Neck Lengthening And Jaw Flexion For The Communication With Our Horse

Understanding The Lightness Tournament Level 1 Test

Student's Notes - From Manuel's Working Equitation Clinic, August 2014 UT

Student's Notes - From Manuel's Lightness Clinic, June 2014 TX

Student's Notes - From Manuel's Alta Escuela Clinic I, March 2014 TX

Exploring the intricacies of the Spanish Trot, Jambette and Passage

Dressage Today - Baroque Issue

The Master Key of Riding In Lightness, Jaw Flexion Part 2 

The PRE Horse

The Master Key of Riding In Lightness

The PRE Horse

Jaw Flexion

Paso Fino Magazine

Manuel Trigo - Liberating Resistances

The PRE Horse 

Light, Lighter, Lightest

The PRE Horse 

Celebrating the Art of Lightness

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