Welcome to The Lightness Foundation

Welcome to the the First Lightness Foundation in the United States!! An exciting opportunity to change the way you ride and communicate with your horse! Come be a part of history and join the Lightness Foundation, LLC!

Riding in lightness is the absolute respect of the horse, encouraging self-carriage and impulsion while limiting contact to only the weight of the reins and the wind of the boot. With lightness, almost nothing is perceptible and the horse seems to perform everything by himself. It thus allows any seriously motivated rider to access high school equitation with any horse.

Next Lightness Tournament in Arizona!!

Join us on March 4 - 5 th 2017 to see classes of Lightness, games, Doma Vaquera, Alta Escuela and Pied-a-terre with Long reins!! We will be posting updates and the premium soon on Facebook and the website.

About Us

Mission Statement

The vision of the Lightness Foundation, LLC is to promote and educate riders from all disciplines to ride in Lightness, a classical dressage discipline that is derived from a French origin. In addition to promotion and education, the Lightness Foundation will organize regional Lightness Tournaments and an annual National Lightness Tournament.

The Lightness Foundation will establish relationships with similar associations to promote riding in lightness, both in the United States and abroad. The Lightness Foundation is the first association of its kind in the United States. Members of the Lightness Foundation will be offered educational opportunities in the form of seminars, clinics, a website and tournaments. The Lightness Foundation will sponsor Lightness classes in competitions from other organization with the common purpose being the horse.


  • Create the FIRST National Lightness Tournament 2013 in Colorado
  • Create an advisory board in Arizona
  • Create Regional Lightness Tournaments 2013-2014
  • Develop long term relationships with sponsors
  • Offer a selection of books written or translated to English which are directly related to Riding in Lightness as a resource for members
  • Create a training program for future Lightness Tournament judges
  • Offer educational opportunities with multiple classical clinicians
  • Collaborate with other Lightness organizations, including those based outside of the United States
  • Collaborate with The Foundation For the Pure Spanish Horse to include the Lightness Tournaments Levels 1,2, and 3 during their National Celebration in 2014