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Special Thanks

To ours 2017 Arizona Lightness Sponsors

  • El Caballo Rey
  • Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center 
  • Betsy Tismeer Counseling -Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Dr Cameron Larson 
  • Fairplay Physical Therapy
  • Diann Sanel 
  • Cindy and Larry Lippon
  • And special thanks to Angela and Philip Garvin for hosting this 2017 AZ edition of the Lightness Tournament.
Special Thanks

To ours 2016 CO Lightness Tournament Sponsors 

FaceTime Lessons

The distance is not a issue, you can have live lessons with Manuel Trigo, weekly or at your convenience, from anywhere in the country or even outside of the US.

It is very easy with FaceTime. The only thing you need is FaceTime on your iphone, Ipad or equivalent and access to internet from your phone directly through LTE, 4G or through WIFI to a router.

From Monday to Thursday anytime.

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Special Thanks

To ours 2016 AZ Lightness Tournament Sponsors 

  • El Samaritano Equestrian Center Scottsdale, AZ 
  • King of Hearts Ranch Wilsall, MT
  • Tami George, Markel Insurance
  • Julia Anderson Owner of Fairplay Physical Therapy
  • Iberian Connection Bill and Diane Calderon 
  • White Stallion Creek Ranch Cave Creek, AZ
  • Elna Campbell
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